More Simple Spa Product Marketing Ideas

There are even some great recipes out there online that you can try out. Here is one that will help you make a salt scrub (If you had to pay full price for a good jar of salt scrub, you’d be spending at least $20).

Just combine about a half cup of sweet almond oil, a handful of sea salt, and then add your favorite essential oils. You’ll be ready to have your spa experience right at home.

There are many great recipes for various spa products online including shampoos, facial products, footbaths, and treatments for your hands.

One you have come up with the products you want to sell, then you need to market these products. Using the word “spa” is actually quite powerful in itself. It adds prestige to even products that are quite common. When you see products with the word “spa” in them, many people will be willing to pay a little more, just based on the perceived value alone.

When you are packaging up your spa products, it is important that it looks great, but it should also be low cost as well. Simple plastic wrapping is okay and you can dress it up with some great labels or tags that are easily customizable for you.

Another easy marketing option is to have some friends over for a “spa at home” party and let everyone try some of your natural ingredient spa products.  You will need to set up the room where you will be having the party so that it feels like they have entered into a spa.

Set up some signs that tell about ways to fight dry skin, how lavender heals, benefits of detoxifying the skin and so on. Then turn on some really mellow music and possible have a small fountain running or even a water noise maker.

Now that the stage is set, you can have a great spa party that everyone is going to enjoy. You can offer pedicures and manicures, or even a massage or a facial to those who attend. This will help you introduce your line of products and you’ll also get some great feedback as well.